Friday, June 10, 2011

Chicken Little and the Vaccine Sky, Puberty Backwards, and What You've Got To Be Afraid Of

Even though this post first went up in June of 2011, I keep it on the front of my site because I hope it's useful as a source of education about the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, which is a joke invented to protect the pharmaceutical companies from being found libel as a result of the injuries caused by their vaccines.  
       The autism community now has a whistle blower in Dr. William Thompson, Senior Vaccine Researcher at the CDC and author of one of the studies that 'proves' no connection to autism and vaccines.  
       Dr. Thompson has experienced a crisis of conscience.  He now claims that he was coerced into changing the original conclusion of the study, which showed a clear connection between autism and vaccines, especially tics, and was commanded by his superiors at the CDC to destroy the original data and re-crunch the numbers in order to make that connection disappear.  
       He has since handed over all the original data to Congressman Bill Posey of FL, who introduced all of this data into the Congressional Record in June 2014.  I am keeping this article about the Vaccine Court at the fore, thinking people might want some information concerning its history and this whole unnecessary mess in general, especially if they experienced a vaccine reaction themselves.  
       BTW, I still want to have a sleepover/campout on the DC mall, a la Vietnam Veterans Against the War.  If each family with a child who is vaccine injured sent one member to the Mall with a sleeping bag, a stuffed animal, and a photo of their vaccine injured family member, we might begin to get somewhere.  Anyone interested in helping me organize it?  You'll know more about what I'm talking about when (and if!) you finish this article.
       Here goes:       
       In May 11 of 2011, in support of a press conference held by group of parents associated with The Elizabeth Birt Center for Autism Legal Advocacy (BCALA), and on behalf of all parents and children whose lives have been affected by autism, including my own family’s, I traveled  from Marietta, Ohio, to the sidewalk in front of the US Federal Court Building at 717 Madison Place NW, District of Columbia, on the edge of Lafayette Park. There, the steps up to the front entrance and the fountain splashing behind it were guarded by men wearing dark suits and sun glasses and who, while they never smiled, did not seem particularly threatened by the small gathering of mostly well-dressed people clustering together on the sidewalk.
Some of  the participants were representatives of cable news media.  Half a dozen, like me, were from scattered afar. A few were reporters from print media. Most of the participants, however, related somehow to EBCALA, either as parents who were interviewed during the study’s data collection process or as writers of the study’s Report which formally announced the group’s recent findings— appearing in The Pace Environmental Law Review.  [to see the entire press conference, visit here: ]
The study’s conclusion is the product of over two years of combing through Vaccine Court records and talking with the families of children who, starting in the mid 80’s, have received compensation for the damages experienced as the result to a life-threatening and forever-altering physical response to a childhood vaccine. 
Besides using actual ‘diagnoses’ as presented to the Vaccine Court, the researchers also used a universally recognized test in order to determine whether a diagnosis of autism was present along with another disability judged by the court as meriting compensation. Most of the parents interviewed during the course of this study are afraid to speak in public, having been warned that their child’s annuity could be jeopardized as a result.  However, some are ready and eager to tell their stories because they believe the obvious: that keeping secrets represses the truth.  For them, to have received money for their child’s autism, when so many other children with the same symptoms have tried to petition the court and failed, is unconscionable.
  These parents are unable to keep silent any longer about their child’s having received compensation from the court because they believe they thereby become complicit in the IOM and CDC’s ongoing claims that no connection exists between autism and vaccines.  Like the researchers from EBCALA, these parents want the world to know that the US Vaccine Court has indeed been regularly awarding compensation for children with vaccine-related autism—to over eighty families in fact. 
So, EBCALA argues, vaccines and autism are related. If autism is not related to vaccines, why reward compensation at all?  Just fess up and get it over with.   
Families are dying out here.
Why ‘the disconnect’ between bureaucratic claims and actual practice?
For those of you who do not know the legal process by which a person with a proven vaccine-related injury is awarded restitution, allow me to walk you through a quick scenario.
            Let’s say that you are one of those people who follow the exhortations of your federal, state, local, and county officials and get a flu shot.  Perhaps you are merely going to travel overseas and need required immunizations.  Next, imagine that within a few months, your curly locks begin to fall out in clumps, you lose your eye brows, your pubic hair also comes off in patches, and your skin is suddenly sleek and smooth, bald as a new-born mouse, as if you’ve just put yourself through a complete body wax. 
One look at the hair left on your pillow and at your exposed scalp in the mirror terrifies you.  When you rush to the doctor, he diagnoses you as having alopecia, an autoimmune disorder.   If you or your doctor is paying attention, you might then consider that your alopecia and your vaccine could possibly have a cause and effect relationship, especially once you get on the Internet and read the dozens of studies connecting the two, available from multiple, reputable sites.
Consider just one example of many of the cases that you will find which discuss the connection between alopecia and vaccines, this one from the Infectious Disease News:
In October 1997 during a review of the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), reports of hair loss after immunizations indicated that, of the 60 patients with reported alopecia , 46 had received hepatitis B vaccines. The cases ranged in age from 17 days to 56 years; 70% were adults and 83% were female. 
            With a sinking feeling, you will realize you’re one of the nearly 12,000 Americans a year who experiences an “adverse reaction” to a vaccine.  In fact, averaging the overall amount by state, we can calculate that 240 people a year per state experience an ‘adverse effect’ to a vaccine, which, in a state like Ohio with 80 counties, means 3 people per county per year suffer an ‘adverse effect’ to a vaccine.  Other reactions include seizures, deafness, low platelet count, narcolepsy, vomiting, MS-like symptoms, coma, and permanent brain damage.