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Chicken Little and the Vaccine Sky, Puberty Backwards, and What You've Got To Be Afraid Of

Even though this post first went up in June of 2011, I keep it on the front of my site because I hope it's useful as a source of education about the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, which is a joke invented to protect the pharmaceutical companies from being found libel as a result of the injuries caused by their vaccines.          The autism community now has a whistle blower in Dr. William Thompson, Senior Vaccine Researcher at the CDC and author of one of the studies that 'proves' no connection to autism and vaccines.          Dr. Thompson has experienced a crisis of conscience.  He now claims that he was coerced into changing the original conclusion of the study, which showed a clear connection between autism and vaccines, especially tics, and was commanded by his superiors at the CDC to destroy the original data and re-crunch the numbers in order to make that connection disappear.          He has since handed over all the original data to Congressman Bill Pose

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